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Our Club

The Air Capitol Tec-Ni-Chat Amateur Radio Club is comprised of Wichita area radio amateurs who operate in the VHF and UHF bands using several modes of their hobby. The clubs operate two repeaters: one at 146.94 MHz and the other at 444.00 MHz. There is a weekly on the air net to keep members informed, to exchange ideas and resolve issues. The net meets on non-holiday Sunday evenings immediately following the RACES net which starts at 6:30 pm. There are informal nets as well such as the "coffee club" which is active weekdays in the 6 to 7 am time frame for those going to work or those just getting up.

The Club hosts a summertime picnic / pot luck dinner for members and guests. Listen on the nets for the date and time.

The first Saturday in December is the annual "face-to-face" meeting where the members get together to elect the new Board of Directors, to attend to current business matters and socialize.

The Board meets bi-monthly throughout the year. Members are welcome to attend these meetings. Suggestions and comments may be brought to the Board any time.

The Club is active and growing. The members would be pleased to have you join our group. There are envelopes here to facilitate enrolment. Simply fill out the information on the envelope, (phone number is optional) enclose a check made out to "Tec-Ni-Chat" and place it in the appropriate box in the Derby Radio Shack.

Licensed operators are not required to be a member to use the Club's repeaters. However, regular users are encouraged to join Tec-Ni-Chat to help support the repeaters. Additionally, members get the added privilege of having auto-patch and, if desired, auto-dial capabilities.

For those interested in becoming amateur radio operators, Mark or Sean at Radio Shack will be happy to get you started.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact any of the Board members

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